April 20, 2013 by letsmakeniceonpurpose

this woman,

my (sasha here) grandmother,

the one and only,

jean ritter,

turns 90

june 30th, 2013.

chi-lin & i have been wanting to

shoot photos of my spirited,

witty, bold, sassy, beautiful,

one-of-a-kind ‘nana’

for quite some time.

during my last visit to CA in february,

we made it happen.

the following is what we captured.

this was shot was taken after

nana suggested doing a

‘hug a tree day’ pose in her front yard.

believe it or not,

she started out the shoot with us feeling very shy,

asking, ‘now, why would anyone want to see photos of me’? &

‘sash, what are you going to do with these’?

as you can see,

she quickly morphed into

quite the lively model…

suggesting poses left & right,

keeping US on our toes.

i’ve always loved nana’s home:

she shared it with my grandfather,

‘papa’ (bill ritter),

for most of their lives.

papa passed away a few years ago,

but nana, after never having lived alone

& having been with papa since the age of 18,

decided she’d like to give solo-living a whirl-

she’s also nearly blind but

insists on walking daily,

& finding routes to the bank, post office & nail salon

that avoid crossing busy streets so she can

maintain these small measures of independence.

my nana also

‘reads’ many books on her big burgundy couch

using a braille institute issued tape player.

my dad & my uncle were raised in this home

& i have many memories of childhood visits

to their backyard

to gorge on oranges fresh from their two huge trees.

nana’s home is simple, light & filled with

mementos from a life lived fully.

the best kind of home in my opinion.

beauty at 90.

makes the heart swell.

until next time…!


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sr on design*sponge !

February 23, 2013 by letsmakeniceonpurpose

so, we’re a little (very) tardy with posting about this here on LMNOP-

but better late than never, right?

 …and while we’re at it:

we might as well add a disclaimer now to this blog stating

that we have all become a bit busy with other projects,

other lives, small children, posting more on instagram

as opposed to this blog? (did we really just say that?)…


please pardon us for our spotty attendance here on LMNOP.

we still love this blog &

promise to show our faces here when we can.

& now, back to this post!

(framed art, Lana Fee Rasmussen)

sooooo yeah,

ms. sr was recently featured on design*sponge

with her super great roommate & collaborator, kristin morrison…

here are some photos from the post as well as

some out-takes that weren’t part of the

the d*sponge feature but that are fun/completely ridiculous:

this gem of a photo made it onto an invitation to celebrate the project with

friends & family that helped to make the shoot come together…


& alternatively,

we can be quite serious

live edge walnut table-


sasha & krissy collaborated on designing & making

(using all natural dyes; krissy’s specialty)

the chair covers for their vintage dining set pictured here & below

washed out photo of the set

rex & penny basket here with a pile of tiny paintings

lots of light here.

& a great orange chair wearing a hat!

rug- pretty mommy

stools- killscrow

sweet little kokadama hanging plant, tigerstolilies

friend, dave singley’s painting with sasha’s ceramic lace plate

art here- alisa ochoa & gossip girls, dave singley

sasha’s plexi & maple chair

plant love

detail of krissy’s weaving

krissy’s weaving, kathleen whitaker ceramic sculpture above

muuto dots, DWR & zig-zag bag AuRetour

honorary bathroom shots

with patterns galore

krissy’s light-filled room…

round wool hanging lamp, kate anderson

ceramic arch, alisa ochoa

pillows & quilts, pretty mommy


sasha’s desk

sculpture (right) by ben ritter, sasha’s older artist brother-

they live 4 blocks from each other in brooklyn.


how nice is that?

ceramic & wood anemone mobile, sasha

sheepy hug

more of ben ritter’s sculptures here

plant love fire escape in krissy’s room with

thefuturefuture print

another rosey detail of krissy’s weaving

darrick rasmussen’s (killscrow) stools, close-up

alisa ochoa (left)

kitchen corner & thefuturefuture planter (geometric, white)

& lastly, a pile o’ blankets…

enjoy the weekend folks!

until we meet again-



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January 2, 2013 by letsmakeniceonpurpose

a few weeks back i took a bus trip

to massachusetts

to pay a visit

to one very special friend from

my oregon days:

ms. kate anderson

we drove across country together from oregon

to new hampshire in the summer of 2009-

nearly died while tent camping

in a lightening storm in eastern wyoming

(made it, barely)

& now

kate lives in massachusetts near the coast

it’s truly this beautiful there…

i attempted to soak it all up & store it for later,

knowing that once back in the city,

i’d need the memories.

i always do.

kate in her living room-

she shares this little home by a pond

with her fishing obsessed fiance eliot,

some chickens & five ducks.

the chickens & ducks live outside.

kate’s blooming cactus

& a great chair

her collections are the best

& she’s always making something-

usually out of wood or wool or metal

or some combination thereof.

whatever it is she’s working on inevitably

comes out with a certain kate-quality that

no one else can achieve.

it’s true.

these rings, for example…

she makes them using salvaged hardwood remnants

from her father’s new hampshire carpentry business.

another great collection here

(featuring kate’s mannequin, “Deb”, all the way from oregon)

& here

here as well

a chair she made while

studying in denmark


a couple of wigs among patterns

& a little something i left behind

that kate immediately nailed to her wall

in that one-of-a-kind,

  kate-style decisiveness.

& here she is.


until next time…

i’ll be going through my stockpile of memories.




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good things come in quonset huts…

December 13, 2012 by letsmakeniceonpurpose

…like Rex & Penny’s new storefront in Costa Mesa, CA!

trust us, this is a very, very good thing:

Rex & Penny is husband & wife duo-

Jeff & Kate Dreher…

vintage treasure sleuths, new parents, former neighbors of

LMNOP (when we were a storefront) & all-around great people…

alas, we have both moved on from our spots across the street

from each other on 31st Street in Newport Beach

(sigh..it was a lot of fun..)

but since then, we’ve stayed in

touch & continue to work together when we can…

that’s another good thing.

but the best good thing about this is that…

lucky for you

(if you live in the area or plan to visit)

Rex & Penny is now open in the

super cool & under-appreciated

(soon to be more appreciated, i venture to guess)

quonset hut zone

off of west 17th street in costa mesa…

get over there & find yourself or someone you really like



Rex & Penny is here:

660 W 17th Street

Quonset #29

Costa Mesa, CA 92627

shop hours: 12 -5 Thursday through Saturday or by appointment

check out their website for more information & how to contact them:





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December 5, 2012 by letsmakeniceonpurpose

some masters observed at the MOMA

endlessly inspiring…

(A. Calder here)

J. Albers


insanely beautiful collection of sculpture here


Kazimir Malevich

great color, great composition

Matisse again

Louise Bourgeois

& Cy Twombly

Enjoy the day.



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olive’s mural

November 29, 2012 by letsmakeniceonpurpose

this sequence is from a while back…

from a day spent painting a mural for a very special little lady, ms. olive.

first strokes

lavender hills taking shape

& a full moon

thunder bird in the corner

olive surveying the progress

& she approves…

almost done

finishing touches…

& voila!

a mural is finished.



mural, sasha ritter | photos, chi-lin pendergrast

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A’maree’s it is…

November 20, 2012 by letsmakeniceonpurpose

This insanely gorgeous building,

designed in 1961 by Pasadena architects

Thornton Ladd and John Kelsey (yes, architecture nerd here)

houses the equally insanely gorgeous,

family-owned (since 1971)

independent designer boutique: A’maree’s.

Together, the place & the space

(& the people who make it what it is) amaze.

Here is a collection of photos from a day or two

spent experiencing all things A’maree’s…

These two people:

Amanda & Chi-lin (along with Sidecar Doughnuts),

(& many guests)

were at A’maree’s for a local school fundraiser one afternoon…




later, an impromptu photo shoot with one of the owners (Denise)

on the rooftop occurred…

because, well, this is the sort of thing that Chi-lin does to people

when she has her camera in tow.

Which is almost always.

So basically, she is almost always convincing

(successfully) (& with infectious charm)

someone to climb up on a roof

or go out on some other limb (literally or figuratively) of sorts.

Just wait. When asked, you will do it for her too.

No doubt in my mind.

& the limbs she forces you out onto produce the loveliest of results.

I digress…

after the rooftop photo adventure,

a very exciting mini person

dress up extravaganza/dream-come-true

happened in preparation for

Chi-lin & Sumter’s upcoming wedding celebration in Tulum, Mexico:

the girls try on options for the day from Dosa-

a line out of Los Angeles by Christina Kim

full of thought, fine craft, carefully chosen materials, stories &

a philosophy of making that is

very near & dear to Chi-Lin’s heart-

for many reasons.

(click the links learn more about this special line… it’s truly a treasure)

little Ailee finds her dress

& proud mama back there snapping away…

sisters getting super excited here…

& here


the littlest was

in on the action too

checking out her big sisters here…


this dress was made for this…

the dress that Ailee ended up falling for was one of Denise’s dresses,

cinched in with a scarf to make it fit…

& Olive’s dress is a woman’s-sized skirt,

cinched in with a Dosa belt to make it “strapless”.


one last little note on this before we get back to the doughnuts…

Denise is a long-time friend of Chi-lin’s & will be attending the wedding-

she wanted to help, in her magical way,

with decking out the girls (& Chi…!). So sweet.

A huge thank you to Denise & A’maree’s

Okay, now back to the doughnuts & such:

Team Sidecar with their mini-doughnuts out front

hey, good lookin’

Denise & Jeff Yokoyama with Mr. Sidecar himself

I think they like the goods…

heading in


that smile

those shoes…

those eggs!

our Brooke!

& her team-

Brooke (also Sidecar’s chef) did the catering that day…

she’s a multi-talented, multi-tasker

(& don’t forget, the best question-asker of all time, too)

so happy among her creations

they make me happy too

high fives

beautiful bounty

beautiful Kate




that’s a wrap.

Until next time…




*P.S. Sidecar’s very own blog will be up & running soon!

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see ya next time

November 5, 2012 by letsmakeniceonpurpose


folks were rolling up to Sidecar’s Doughnut & Coffee

tasting this Saturday from all over

the place-  Corey, Krista, Stella & Lily Gash in their family truck…

these two handsome fellas, Robby & Mark, attended

& made friends with

Karen, from Cape Cod, who just moved to Costa Mesa &

found out about our tastings at a local market.

good stuff.

& then these biker guys rode 32 miles to get here

for some well-deserved pit-stop doughnuts & Stumptown coffee.

Baby Ellie & Barry, the French Bulldog were all too happy to be there…

& then-

little Bea & her chocolate doughnut.

words don’t do her cuteness justice.

Denise Schaeffer, a long-time friend of Chi-Lin’s & owner of A’maree’s,

with her pup Gracie & a whole slew of kiddos…

Gracie & Denise made fast friends

it’s not hard to see why.

so joyous.

even some Stumptown friends made it out-

Travis & Spencer who recently moved to Los Angeles from

Portland & Seattle (respectively) to open up a

new Stumptown Coffee location there.

that’s quite exciting for LA.

& some Stumptown in action-

java time.

little artist at work,

Valhrona chocolate doughnut by his side

Valhrona vs. action figure

maybe some of the best hair (& style) displayed that day is represented right here.

& here.

Willa & Ellie with Ellie’s papa, Andy.

Willa (left) is sporting some bloomers hand-knitted by Inga,

the master knitter who shares the warehouse with Sidecar.

*see our previous post for more about Inga and my on-going Inga style-envy.

Oh & the doughnuts.

Huckleberry & Vegan Gingerbread

group contemplating what flavor to try next…

& Ms. Bea-

decision made:

Chocolate glazed.

Irma & her electric energy


coffee & stripes

Charlie & mama

Willie & friend

Stuart (Beatrice’s older brother)

Amanda, Sidecar’s manager, & some friends

Audrey & Barry

Kate, Beatrice & Stuart Jeremias.

check out Karen & friends back there…


Nadia, Clay & Vanessa

one more of Barry

& we’ll see ya next time.



*all photos Chi-Lin Pendergrast

join us for Sidecar’s next Saturday morning tasting, Nov. 10th:

at Sidecar Test Kitchen

629 Terminal Way, unit 2

Costa Mesa, CA


follow along with Sidecar elsewhere: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Yelp

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made in a hurricane

November 3, 2012 by letsmakeniceonpurpose

hurricane sandy has been horrendous for much of east coast

& the aftermath continues to be challenging.

here are a few ways to help if you can &

here (Brooklyn Based)

i (sasha) was lucky to be among those who never lost power &

managed to stay safe & warm the entire time…

what did get me though was

cabin fever

i tried to make the best of the anxiety, uncertainty & stir-craziness by

pouring my angst into making a few things…

these little watercolor on canvas studies being one of those things

i think sandy makes herself known in all of them.

hoping for a speedy recovery out here-

mostly for the coastal communities that got hit the hardest.

here’s to resilience.



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saturday mornings

October 31, 2012 by letsmakeniceonpurpose

Sidecar was at it again this past Saturday…

& the crowd was there to partake:

word’s out.

Amanda serving up some BIRTHDAY CAKE (what!?!) doughnuts.

they were gone in minutes.

of course.

Sumter & Brooke in action- making doughnuts like these takes a lot of work..

no preservatives, no powders, fresh, tasty, simple ingredients only.

Brooke’s hubby was on coffee duty-

filling the presses with Stumptown Coffee Roasters beans

more of the team

these right here are cake doughnuts with chocolate glaze,

topped with Valhrona chocolate balls.

ahem… yum.

Brooke & Inga

Inga shares the warehouse space with Sidecar-

she is an incredible knitter & is often spotted

wearing outfits consisting only of things she’s knitted- usually by hand.

Even when she’s not sporting Inga-knitted-only garb,

I find myself envying much of her style.

like this top, for example.

pretty amazing, right?

she’s probably wearing her signature

leather pants & heels too.

anyhow, back to the doughnuts…

Valhrona topped goodness heading out to the crowd

Sidecar’s future delivery truck, a 1959 International Harvester Metro,

will be lined with wooden drawers like these- inspired by the

Helm’s Bakery trucks that used to be known for them.

mr. jimmy pham right here. all the way from brooklyn to newport.

apparently he liked what he saw & ate.

more of jimmy & co.


cutie Sidecar kiddos

clay & nova

mikaela, a friend & pup


more of these tasty morsels

these two

& clayton. brooke’s new assistant.

clayton is quite the baker with quite the story:

clayton is 23.

he is completely self-taught &

all he asks for for every birthday & holiday is

baking ingredients because he loves it so much.

funny thing is that clayton has celiac disease &

isn’t able to eat much of what he bakes.

but he’s brilliant at it & has it all down to a science.

this is his dream job.

nancy, mikaela & cousin

these two heading out with coffee in hand & doughnuts in the belly

amazing bow

amazing doughnuts

see you next time!



*all photos Chi-Lin Pendergrast

follow Sidecar: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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